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Can you buy Chinese herbs in Switzerland?

As a matter of fact, specialized pharmacies can combine the herbal mixture into an extract solution (so-called tincture) or granules according to the doctor's prescription and send it to you by post, or you can pick up the herbal mixtures directly from the pharmacies.


Can I cancel or reschedule a booked appointment?

Up to 24 hours before the appointment, it can be canceled free of charge. If you cancel on the same day, you will be charged CHF 50.


Can unexpected reactions occur after treatment?

In very rare cases this can occur, but they are usually not dangerous. In such a case, please notify us immediately and please let us know when, what and how the reaction occurred. We will get in touch with you to discuss how to proceed.


Is acupuncture painful?

The acupuncture needles are very fine. Its use is often not felt at all, occasionally as a slight sting. If the therapist then stimulates the needles by tapping it, there may be a reaction in the form of a tugging, a pressure or a vibration, which may radiate along the energy pathways, the meridians. The feeling or sensation is different from invididual to individual. If you are someone who experiences pain easily, please consult us before treatment.


I currently have a cold. Should I still come for treatment?

A cold can be treated well with acupuncture! It is therefore particularly worthwhile to keep to the agreed acupuncture appointment. If you are unsure, call us beforehand so that we can discuss with your therapist.


Are there any risks and side effects of traditional Chinese medicine?

  • Acupuncture, used by well-trained and experienced specialists, has few side effects and risks compared to other therapies. At best, one notices a slight tiredness for a short time after the therapy, and it also happens that the symptoms increase for the time being before they subside. In rare cases, small bruises can occur at the puncture site, but these are harmless and can be suppressed by massage.

  • Nausea occasionally occurs with consuming herbal remedies.

  • Using the cupping balls leaves behind round, red bruises, which disappear naturally after a few days.


Herbal reorders

The herbal mixtures are continuously adapted to your individual situation, which is constantly changing. That's why we usually only issue a prescription for the one-off purchase of the mixture.


Are the chemical medicines prescribed by my family doctor compatible with the natural Chinese herbal mixtures?

It is important that you take the medication prescribed by your doctor as recommended by your family doctor. You may be able to reduce or even discontinue certain medications over the course of the TCM treatment. This must be checked very carefully by the family doctor and ordered by them. During the first questioning by the TCM specialist, please mention all medications that you are taking (including those you have bought yourself).


We are very happy to answer any further questions. Just  use the form on the home  page here

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